In the Woods, Dear is an outdoor and wellness blog that reaches audiences all over the world. The content is in Finnish and in English. I started publishing more frequently in December 2022 and the blog has been growing ever since, reaching around 6K (March) to 11 300 (May) individual readers.

  • At the moment, my blog reaches over 20K monthly readers and almost 50K monthly pageviews at best.
  • The audience is 56 % male and 44 % female. The biggest age group is 35 - 44 years.
  • Around 47 % of readers come from Finland, of which 21 % from the capital region. 69 % of readers come from Europe.
  • The average time spent on my blog is 3 mins 40 s, Finnish folks read a lot longer.

The growth has been purely organic without any paid or social media advertising. I''ve just got amazing SEO and content strategy. Plus, I love what I'm doing - the great outdoors!

If you'd like to reach an audience interested in nature and outdoors, trail running, (lightweight) backpacking and wellness from Finland, Europe and more - drop me an email! I collaborate with brands and companies that are a great match with the outdoor topics and my values.


Collaboration, content marketing, influencer marketing

How to collaborate? At simplest, I can just include backlinks to an article. Or I can tailor an article according to your needs with exact key words and targeting to a specified group. I also write reviews that anyone can understand (not just engineers or gadget freaks) and I write journalistic articles with interviews etc.

I'm a communications, marketing and digital professional, and I have coached and given seminars on brands, strategy, customer experience and story telling. Research already nails it: a skilled story is extremely effective. What does it mean in practice? It means, that consistent set of stories and a longer collaboration can boost your SEO ranking as well as strengthen the brand image.

At the moment, I offer my blog as the main platform for collaboration. I may do Instagram advertising in the future.

I also offer high quality SEO content for your own website or media, and quality journalistic articles (including photography) for print media.

If you see a photo on my blog that you like, just ask if it is available. I offer photography services (outdoor, product). And of course, you can order an adventure article such as the Solo Backpacking in Sarek.

I'm committed to journalistic ethics, authenticity, honest opinions and pleasant user / reader experience.

Please do not send any freebies.

A collab example: Addnature Lightweight Down Jacket: Essential Outdoor Gear Year-Round

Best rgs,


Last updated: August 11, 2023