Hiking in Lofoten: Haukland Beach and Veggen

While the Kvalvika beach is the iconic beach of Lofoten, Haukland beach is definitely a ‘must see’ arctic paradise as well. It’s probably the most famous beach for swimming and SUP boarding, with easy access by car (no climbing needed, the parking area is by the beach) or by public transportation. For those craving for trails runs or hikes, there are various opportunities: walking by the beach all the way to the next Uttakleiv beach or going vertical to the popular Mannen (400 m) or the other peak closer to the ocean, Veggen (489 m). I enjoyed the panoramic views from Veggen and camped on the Haukland beach in the beginning of August.

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Hiking in Lofoten: the Scenic Horseid Beach

Would you like to experience scenic, out-of-this-world views, without the disturbance of 100 other people? Hike the Horseid Beach in Lofoten islands! The Horseid Beach (Horseidvika) is one of the most difficult beaches to reach in Lofoten, as it basically requires a ferry trip and several hours of hiking unlike the easier destinations Kvalvika Beach and Haukland Beach. But the reward from the effort is something to remember.

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Hiking in Lofoten: the Iconic Kvalvika Beach and Ryten

I walked on the spectacular Kvalvika beach in Lofoten islands already fifteen years ago on my diving and hiking trip to Norway. Back then the day-hike was quiet, and the beach was empty (in the middle of July!), with just the ice-cold emerald green water roaring on the white sand between massive vertical cliffs rising straight from the ocean.

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