Muotkatunturi wilderness

Muotkatunturi wilderness in Northern Lapland is the most wilderness-like area in Finland. The wilderness area is located in Utsjoki and Inari counties. There are around a hundred fells in Muotkatunturi, but the scenery is very open with gentle slopes in the horizon. The highest peak is Kuárvikozzâ (590 m). The area is roadless and there are no signposted trails, but you can find paths to the most popular destinations such as Peltoaivi fell and Lake Peltojärvi. I made a three-nights autumn hiking adventure in Muotkatunturi wilderness in September, right after my adventure in Kevo Strict Nature Reserve. This hike was my first adventure off trails in wilderness, if you don't count the short adventure off trails on my Halti hike. Is Muotkatunturi wilderness suitable for beginners? Read the story and find out!

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